Parent’s Corner


Above is the link to the Virginia Department of Education website. Parents are encouraged to access the grade level and subject matter standards that their child (ren) are required to know in order to be successful in class and to pass the State End of Year assessment. Along with the standards, parents can find helpful tips and activities that they can use at home to assist their child. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the office if you have any questions. 




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Attendance Policy: 

Parents please be aware that if your child is absent we need a request for make up work by 8:30 a.m. so the teachers have time to get the work together during their planning time.  The work may be retrieved after 3:00 p.m. and pick-up by 4:00. Please note that a student must be present for at least 2 full blocks to be counted “present” for the day. **Please refer to the Student Handbook.

Parent ID:

Parents please provide a photo ID not only when signing out your student but also for when you may need to see them in the office for a brief moment or for when you would like to join them for lunch.  Your student’s safety is very important to us and we want to make sure only those individuals who are listed on the student’s emergency card may contact the student during school hours.  Thank you.

Bus Information

 Bus 39, 7 and bus 81 will no longer take bus passes.  They are filled to capacity. 




Yearbooks are now on sale! The cost is $20-$30 depending on what you choose.  Students will get an order form in homeroom in January.  You may place an order online by click on the picture above.






Our middle school children go through dramatic changes during their middle school years.  In addition to the monthly newsletter, please look in the Parent’s Corner for a monthly newsletter on how to support your child’s growth and development during this special time in their lives.  Some of the topics that will be addressed will be;

  • understand  middle school behavior
  • build respect, responsibility, empathy, and more
  • support homework and study skills
  • stay involved—middle-school style
  • set age-appropriate rules and expectations
  • promote health and safety
  • emphasize the importance of education









 Principal’s Corner


 Dr. Brian Matney

Interim principal


Dr. Janet Wright

Assistant Principal 


                                                                       December Student of the Month


The teachers of sixth grade are happy to select Molly Kalua as their Student of the Month for
December. Molly is an exemplary student. She consistently embodies the five attributes of
Cougar Pride: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Excellence. These are rare
qualities and are reflective of a well-balanced student and young woman. It is her teacher’s
sincere hope that she will continue to value these areas. For in so doing, Molly will find few
limits to her future aspirations.
Molly Kalua is a hard working student. When given a task she determinedly pursues it until it
is accomplished. She knows that it is not enough to be smart. Hard work must be involved in
order to be successful.
Molly always follows classroom procedures. Teachers never have to worry about her
behavior. Molly treats others the way she wants to be treated. She is kind and to all and usually
has a smile even when exhausted from a busy day. On one occasion, she complimented a
student that her peers often tried to avoid. This illustrates Molly’s innate understanding of the
respect people deserve.
Molly always tries to do the right thing. For example, a teacher mistakenly tried to give Molly
a prize for accomplishing an activity. Molly informed the teacher that she did not deserve the
prize. It would have been easy for Molly to accept the prize without admitting the truth. The
teacher would never have known the difference. Instead, Molly chose to do the right thing for
the right reason.
Molly produces excellent work. She goes beyond the basic requirements of her assignments.
She strives to do her best even when the task is difficult. This is an important and necessary
trait to have in school and beyond.
It is with the utmost assurance and pleasure that the 6th grade team nominates Molly Kalua
as Student of the Month. They expect great things and look forward to celebrating her future