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Park View Middle will be participating in “Red Ribbon Week” October 23-31, 2014.  Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States.  The schedules for the daily activities are listed below:


  • Monday:  Students wear shades – “Shade Out Drugs and Bullying


  • Tuesday:  Students wear pajamas – “Knock Out Bullying/Drugs are a Nightmare


  • Wednesday:  Students wear hip-hop attire – Hip-Hop over Drugs/Stomp out Bullying


  • Thursday:  Students wear glasses, suspenders, high socks, etc.  Too smart to bully


  • Friday:  Students wear read in representation of being bully and drug free.  They can bring a “buddy” to school if they have one (stuff animal, action figure, etc). 


  1. Walk for Education:  Beginning of 4th block outside (more details to come)


  1. Red Ribbon Rally 2:45 in the Gym!  



Retake Picture Day is Monday, October 27. 2014

Picture Day ID:BW024513Q1


Visit to order and print receipt to give to photographer on Picture Day



Mrs. Bautista’s class creates U.S. flags as a class project.




PVM September 5 Habits of Heart and Mind

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Please note:  Important dates to remember are now located in the Parent’s Corner section of the webpage under Useful Links.



Parent’s Corner

2014-15 MCPS Strategic Plan


Useful Links:

Dates to Remember

Lifetouch Portrait Studio

PVM GATE Parent Survey

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Parent Portal

PTA Facebook Page 

Attendance Policy:

Please note that a student must be present for at least 2 full blocks to be counted “present” for the day. This means the student must be present until 12:29 p.m. in order to be marked “present” for that school day.

***Please refer to the Student Handbook on Page 8 

Parent ID:

Parents please provide a photo ID not only when signing out your student but also for when you may need to see them in the office for a brief moment or for when you would like to join them for lunch.  Your student’s safety is very important to us and we want to make sure only those individuals who are listed on the student’s emergency card may contact the student during school hours.  Thank you.


Principal’s Corner 


Mr. Mark L. Mabey - Principal 


 As we come to the end of our first Nine Weeks, I want to share a few things that may help you (the parent) be better connected to what is going on with your child at PVMS.

I know there have been several Administrators over the past few years and because of that sometimes “the process” to find out about your child can get confused. Below I have covered a few processes plus shared my thinking on learning:

- I want parents to have full access to what is going on at Park View Middle School. If the question is about your child’s class, you should email, call, or text teachers directly. If you are not sure who you need to talk to, please call the office. Some type of response should be returned by a staff member within 24 hours. If you feel you need more assistance on the matter or you have not heard back from the teacher, please call or email me.

- The Parent Portal is a great tool for parents. It is a requirement that it is kept up-to-date. If it is not, please contact the teacher. If it still is not being kept up-to-date, please contact me.

- Web pages should be up-to-date with useful information. Homework (if given) should be easy to access. Teachers contact information should be easy to find. If these things are not there, let me know. 

- We do allow electronic devices at PVMS. Students are allowed to listen to music and play games on their personal devices during lunch. Teachers have the option to allow students to use their devices in class. However, we cannot be responsible for devices if your child lays it down or leaves it unattended. Also, YOU control whether your child brings a device to school. We give them permission to use the device but YOU control their use. 

I believe we provide a service to you and your child. This school belongs to ALL OF US (the community as a whole). However, we need you as parents to understand we serve 650 students. We have rules and guidelines to help us serve you better and we need you to adhere to those rules and guidelines. As I have said throughout this message, if you have any concern please let me know. I cannot promise you my response or our decision will always be the one you want but I can promise you I will listen to you and we will work to find a solution. A strong Middle School develops the relationship between student, teacher, and parent. Our Classrooms are continuously moving towards preparing our students to be successful in a 21st century world. Learning is different than it was for us and it must be. The classroom where the teacher lecture their knowledge of a subject and the students take notes and memorize them are over. There are basic skills that are still needed (and we will focus on them) but your child’s education is going to look different. In a effort to support you, at the bottom of this section, I have added (and will continue to add) articles for you on a variety of topics. I will begin to focus those on instruction and 21st century learning.

PVMS is dedicated to building the foundation for success for every child and being the “bridge” as your child prepares for High School.  










 Other links that you can use to help you find out what’s going on at PVMS:


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Dr. Hackney’s blog 

Mecklenburg County Public Schools Face book page 

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What going on at PVMS … For the week of October 20th 


  10/20       School Board meeting – 7:00 pm  
                  Verification emails due 
                  ACE at Powhatan – 4:30 
                  Earthquake Drill (Shake out) – 10:16 am 
  10/21       Soccer Tournament TBA 
 10/22       Blue and Gold Day … Courgar Pride Day
 10/23       Soccer Championships – TBA
                 Teacher/Parent Conferences  4 – 6:30 pm
                 First Nine Weeks report cards go home 
                 Book Fair opens – 4:30 pm (open through Wednesday, 10/29)
                 Forensic Practice 3:45 
 10/24      College Friday .. show off your college gear  



 Articles to help parents:

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