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March Student of the Month



Congratulations to Chantel Gates, 6th grade, on being the winner of the Foreign Language contest.  Chantel’s essay explained why it is important to learn another language.  The essay will now be judged along with the winners from PVHS, BHS, and BMS for a grand prize county winner.

Congratulations to Chantel Gates, 6th grade, on being the winner of the Foreign Language contest.  Chantel’s essay explained why it is important to learn another language.  The essay will now be judged along with the winners from PVHS, BHS, and BMS for a grand prize county winner.






Dates to Remember

  • March 12, 2015:       End of the 3rd 9 weeks
  • March 13, 2015:       TWD – No school for students


  • March 18, 2015:       8th  Grade SOL Writing – Short Paper

  • March 19, 2015:       8th  Grade SOL Writing – Short Paper


  • March 19, 2015:        Parent/Teacher Conference – Report Cards 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.  


  • Note:  Last day for students will be May 22, 2015




The Park View Middle School Brainiac Bunch Destination Imagination team recently visited the dog they are trying to get adopted, Lucky. They were all very taken by his calm demeanor and spent the whole time petting and rubbing the sweet boy.
In case you didn’t know, Lucky is a four year old Lab mix who has been at the Lake Country SPCA for five months. He doesn’t jump and is addicted to attention. He has been neutered and has had all of his shots. Please step up and give this loving lab mix a home!!!! Please call LCSPCA at 434-374-8076 for details on the adoption process and remember that the SPCA is always accepting donations.



Please note:  Important dates to remember are now located in the Parent’s Corner section of the webpage under Useful Links.



Parent’s Corner

Strategic Plan and Information Input:

2014-15 MCPS Strategic Plan


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Lifetouch Portrait Studio

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PTA is hosting a  Dance -March 6th  - 6-8:30 p.m.

 PTA Meeting Dates:

     March 10, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m.

     May 5, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m.

Attendance Policy:

Please note that a student must be present for at least 2 full blocks to be counted “present” for the day. This means the student must be present until 12:29 p.m. in order to be marked “present” for that school day.

***Please refer to the Student Handbook on Page 8 

Parent ID:

Parents please provide a photo ID not only when signing out your student but also for when you may need to see them in the office for a brief moment or for when you would like to join them for lunch.  Your student’s safety is very important to us and we want to make sure only those individuals who are listed on the student’s emergency card may contact the student during school hours.  Thank you.


Principal’s Corner 


Mr. Mark L. Mabey - Principal   

I wanted to post and share the comments made by our School Board Chair, Mrs. Tanner to the Board of Supervisors at our budget presentation. I believe this is a excellent example of what it means to be an “Agent of Change”.  If you would like to review the entire budget powerpoint presented by the Division to the Board of Supervisors, you can access it by clicking the link below (located at the end of Mrs. Tanner statement).    
A School Board’s job is to provide every student a quality education so that they are ready to go into the workforce or on to higher education.  School Boards have no revenue streams and no taxing powers to achieve what we are tasked with doing for our students.  It is our responsibility to gather the needs of our school system, prepare a budget, and bring it to you, the Board of Supervisors, our funding source to fund, so that those needs for the students of our county, your future workforce, are met.
That is what you heard from us today. We used a bottom-up, collaborative approach for the development of our 2015-2016 budget. Building level administration worked closely with faculty, staff, and the division level instructional and maintenance departments to determine their greatest needs.  We keep hearing how the schools need to tighten their belts; our belts have been tightened. We have gone from 44 to an 18. We are operating with 3 million dollars less and 85 fewer teachers than we had 6 years ago.  Even in this “dieting or losing” phase we have been fiscally responsible and done more with less. Our on-time graduation rate is above the state requirement, our dual enrollment program has increased, our Advanced Diplomas have increased, and we integrated the Arts with violins and piano at two elementary schools, just to name a few. The parents and the students of this county have access to the internet. They see what other schools are doing and they want, and are demanding, the same and more for their children.  I think all of us here want to do what is best for our students, but we cannot do this anymore by tightening our belts.  It is time that we loosen them and start doing what is needed for our students and providing those programs and opportunities that they see other counties around us giving their students.
Based on the results of the needs assessment presented to you tonight we are requesting the following:
We are asking for an operational budget increase of 3.7 million dollars.  We need to get back to where we were 6 years ago so that we can continue to move forward. We are asking for a capital improvement budget of 1,094,000 and a roof budget of 2,954,000.  I also want to make sure that we are comparing apples to apples not apples to oranges.  The budget that we are requesting tonight is for operations, capital improvement, and the roof for the 2015-2016 school year. This should not be confused with the plan and costs to build new facilities.   The costs for new facilities should be in addition to what is needed for every school year.  You just heard throughout the presentation; we are in DIRE need of instructional personnel and maintenance/capital improvements to ensure that our student’s, the county’s future workforces, needs are being met.  
You will find that a detailed breakdown of expenditures is provided in your handout.  Please look closely at the challenges on page 23 of the handout to see where Mecklenburg ranks for percentage of local effort, ranking for percentage for  SOQ programs, ranking for ability to pay locally within the state and within the region. As you review, please feel free to contact us for questions. 
On behalf of the school board, administration, faculty, and staff of Mecklenburg County Public Schools we would like to thank you for taking the time to hear from us and for reviewing our 2015-2016 budget requests.










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What going on at PVMS … For the weeks of March 30th and April 6th 



3/30       Men of Valor Week … Induction Ceremony – 9:15 
              BB/SB vs Nottoway  - 4:30 pm 
3/31       Track at Prince Edward – 4:00 pm  
4/1         Blue and Gold … Show your Cougar Pride 
              BB/SB at Bluestone – 4:30 
              MCBEP Spelling Bee at SHE
4/3         College Color Day … show off your favorite college team
4/6 – 4/10   Spring Break 
4/7     21st Century Job Fair, 1:30 – 4:30       PVMS Gym

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